Mariposa Soul by Adrianna Dane
Amber Quill Press - Allure
Gay / Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59279-619-9
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



In the Spanish language “mariposa” means butterfly.

Andre Cordaire is a renowned investigative journalist who has been around the world many times, writing mind-blowing stories and exploring the beds of numerous beautiful women.  Yet, Andre feels that something major is missing from his life – like the cherished feeling of being in love and having someone special love him.  Then out-of-the-blue while relaxing in a bar, Andre happens upon his other half.  There is just one problem for Andre – his soulmate is an older man.  Will Andre accept this surprising turn of events or will he deny his happiness?

Simon Doran has lived his life to the fullest.  During his younger days, he spent the majority of his time globe hopping from one exhilarating story to the next as an investigative journalist.  But, now-a-days, Simon is content with teaching at the local university and writing novels on his legendary journeys.  Although very satisfied on a professional level, Simon knows that his social life is lacking that special someone to make him complete. Simon finds that happiness in Andre, a younger man who has never experienced loving from another man.  From the beginning Simon knows that Andre has a Mariposa Soul and he needs to set him free in order for Andre to come to terms with his new found feelings.  But, in doing so, has Simon lost the love of his life?

I found Mariposa Soul to be a unique story about a man who had difficulties facing the truth about his sexuality.  From the beginning, it was easy to see that Andre was very confused and on the search for something far more fulfilling than what he had.  And, I, for one, must admit until the author reveals what weighed heavily on Andre’s mind, I had no clue.  Adrianna Dane did a fantastic job of showcasing Andre’s struggles, heartache and denials as he tried to come to terms with his feelings for Simon, while at the same time, personified Simon as the perfect mate for Andre. Simon was gentle and not afraid to take charge showing Andre the joys of making love with a man.  Their love scenes were sweetly tender, and their encounters were sensual and very passionate.  Thank you, Ms. Dane for such a beautifully written gripping story.


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