Kiss Me Deadly by Susan Kearney
Romantic Suspense
ISBN (10) 0-7653-5667-8 (13) 978-0-7653-5667-3
Reviewed by Amelia



Lawyer Mandy Newman has received good news and bad news recently. The good news? She and her friends won the biggest jackpot in lottery history. The bad news? Someone is trying to kill them, one by one.

DEA Agent Zack Taylor is the son of Mandy’s boss, Catherine, and brother to her best friend, Dana. When he hears what’s happening he comes to Mandy’s aid as her bodyguard. He’s acted in this part once before, and he and Mandy hit it off, with explosive results. Then he left her to go back to his job at the DEA. Will he stick around this time to find out what’s really happening to Mandy and her friends, and to discover the secret that she’s keeping from him?

I’m not a fan of the “I had your baby and kept it from you” books, but Kiss Me Deadly manages to put a new spin on an old plot.  The suspense angle in this book was intriguing enough to keep my attention and allow me to not want to slap Mandy, a smart woman, for her stupid choice in having a child and not telling the father, Zack.

I did enjoy seeing Mandy and Zack together and was happy to see the two of them together in the end. I was also happy that Ms. Kearney left enough clues to the suspense conclusion to make me wonder, but not give it away until the very end. Lovers of suspense will enjoy Kiss Me Deadly.


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