It's Been Awhile by Lexie Davis
ISBN: 978-1-906328-41-2
Reviewed by Ley



Ben, a guitarist of the rock band Darkfever, was dreading returning to his hometown.  It wasn't the bad memories of being raised by an alcoholic mother and abusive stepfather, but the good memories and the one person who loved him that he was afraid of facing again.  Marah believed in Ben and loved him unconditionally, for ten years Ben was haunted by his decision to leave her and never look back.

Marah couldn't believe it when she was told Darkfever would be performing in Tyler, Texas and she is now working for her father's newspaper, and  was assigned to cover the story.  The last thing Marah wanted was to see the man who shattered her heart. The last thing she expected was to find herself in his bed again.

It's Been Awhile, was a story of the town bad boy making it good and the sweet girl next door he left behind.  I really liked Marah, I wanted to see her get what she wanted once she figured what it was.  Ben was a good man, but he needed some help with the do's and don'ts in the relationship department. His handling of Marah and her feelings was not very tactful.  Physically Marah and Ben were on fire, their love scenes were very well written.  I also liked the other members of Darkfever, the band was a good group of guys that really cared about each other.  What I didn't get was why a band that was now rich and famous, had parents still living in tiny trailers and homes that were so small that there was no room for their sons when they came to visit.  If Marah's mother can have a mansion built from alimony money, then the band members on speaking terms with their parents could build them one too.


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