Iím Watching You by Mary Burton
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0026-6
Reviewer: Melissa



Lindsay OíNeil has been separated from her husband, police detective Zack Kier, for a year now. The only thing left is for the divorce papers to be signed. Zackís alcohol abuse coupled with his one nightís drunken mistake destroyed Lindsayís faith in him. So when a stalker sets his sights on Lindsay, being forced to spend time with Zack just makes things seem so much worse. Zack has never forgiven himself for the pain he caused Lindsay and has spent the past year trying to clean up his life. Heís succeeded by taking it one day at a time and now heís ready to try and put his marriage back together. He knows that convincing Lindsay to take another chance on him is a long shot but heís determined to do whatever it takes. But before they can move forward, Zack has to protect Lindsay from the person stalking her, otherwise he may lose the woman heís never stopped loving before he can let her know how much she means to him.

Iíve read many of Mary Burtonís historical romances but must admit that this is my first contemporary romantic suspense written by her. Iím Watching You is a well-crafted suspense tale with just the right amount of romance to keep  flipping the pages. Both Lindsay and Zack are flawed characters that the reader quickly grows to care about. The identity of the Lindsayís stalker is well hidden until the end and keeps the reader guessing. While the storyline of Zackís betrayal felt somewhat unresolved and left questions unanswered, the emotion between Lindsay and Zack was palpitable. Iím Watching You made me hate flipping the last page, wanting more of Lindsay and Zack. Iíll certainly be keeping my eyes out for more romantic suspense by Mary Burton!


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