Hot Weather by Matthew Haldeman-Time
Samhain Publishing
Gay Romance M/M
ISBN: 1-59998-650-7
Reviewed by Tanya



John is a former college football player, who came out back in high school.  He is now facing his first summer working, and is not taking the loss of his summer well.  There appears to be no end to the rut he has gotten himself intoóno boyfriend, his car has died, it is hotter then hell out and he has to find another place to have lunch.  But walking into the empty diner might just be the summer relief he needs.

Keith is in between semesters of school and while all of his friends are hanging out at the beach for the summer. he needs to make money for school.  He canít believe it when John walks into the diner, and when he comes back.  But does John feel the same things he does and is he willing to take things slowly like Keith wants?  The outside temperature is not the only thing heating up this summer.

Hot Weather was my first foray into M/M romances and I was very pleasantly surprised.  The story was very well written with characters the author made became real as life in my mind  You could easily imagine this story happening during a summer heat wave.  I found it interesting to see the dynamic play out between John and Keith and I found myself rooting for Keith to get what he wanted in the end, and bring John around to his way of thinking.  There was at least one super hot scene involving M/M erotica but it was so well written any lover of heterosexual romances as well M/M or F/F will enjoy it.  I thoroughly enjoyed this authors writing and will look for other works by him in the future.


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