His Sahvria by Reese Gabriel
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Sci-Fi
ISBN: 9781419913389
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Tryla Numidia has just been given an assignment that doesn’t sit well with her at all.  She hates working with a partner to start with and now, not only does she have to work with another agent but she has to work with a VHRAZHIAN one.  The Vhrazhian Ambassador has disappeared and ErthSec needs to find him.  Because of the volatile nature of this assignment and the manner in which he vanished, Tryla has no choice but to work with Vharhin, one of the Vhrazhian agents.  From the moment her eyes meet his, she knows that this unlikely partnership is not going to work.  Vharhin is commanding, full of male pride, and so sinfully handsome that Tryla knows it is only a matter of time before she falls under his spell. 

Vharhin doesn’t understand why Tryla is so hostile to him. He knows on his planet that the women are easily dominated and live to serve their mates.  He can’t focus on anything by Tryla and his need to see her naked and compliant underneath him.  Vharhin has secrets of his own and just when Tryla seems to be warming up to him, things explode around them.  She refuses to be Vharhin’s submissive and in doing so, just makes him all the more resigned to put her where he wants her – which is on her knees in front of him. 

Reese Gabriel always makes me shiver with his stories of D/s and while His Sahvria is deemed a science fiction romance, it still has the elements of a Reese Gabriel story that I have grown to love.  Vharhin is dominant, all male, and set in his ways.  He has to be.  In the way his life has been lived he knows no other way.  Tryla’s absolute refusal to be submissive to him irritates him to no end but enflames him at the same time. I found her personality resolute and have to hand it to her. Her will power was much stronger than mine.  Vharhin would have had me on my knees within minutes. He was just that bad boy sexy.

His Sahvria is a welcome addition to my Reese Gabriel bookshelf.  I don’t know how he does it, but every story I read from him enthralls me from beginning to end.  He is definitely an author I keep my eye on!


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