Full Swing by Crystal Jordan
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-60088-036-3
Reviewed by Jo



Jill Brandon left the WPGA tour to devote her time to help her Army Ranger husband, Tyler, heal and learn to cope from his injuries.  It's been a year and Jill has come to the conclusion that maybe she canít be the one to help him.  The only place they seem to communicate is in bed.  When her last ditch effort seems to backfire, Jill and Tyler separate and Jill decides to maybe join the tour again.  When Jillís house is broken into and she immediately calls Tyler, will this be the catalyst that will show them both that their marriage can get back into full swing again? Or has too much pain and hurt pride been exposed to go forward?

Full Swing discusses some of the side effects that married military couples have to go through.  Tyler has been hurt to the point of almost dying and his recovery has been slow, painful and left him bitter about his future.  Jill left her successful career with the WPGA to help, but discovered that Tyler will have to work through this himself.  When an act of violence brings them back together, Tyler is determined to not only get Jill back, but to make their marriage better than ever.  Having a lot of experience with military life, I could feel for both Jill and Tyler and understand the hurtles that they had to get passed somehow. I cheered for them when they passed the last one.  Full Swing is kind of bittersweet in the beginning and middle, but it is hot when Jill and Tyler come together.  Tyler and Jill both discovered that sometimes you have to lose what you love to discover just how much it means to you.  Ms. Jordan has delivered a story that is very much in the current times and I believe all readers will find something to connect with. 


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