Full Circle by Adriana Kraft
Tarot: Three of Cups
eXtasy Books
Ménage a Trios/Alternate Lifestyles/Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-55410-804-7
Reviewed by Jo



Barbra Atkins, a well-known and expensive exotic dancer, is looking forward to her class reunion this weekend; well actually she is looking forward to seeing her two old roommates, Desiree Rogers and Ruth Nelson. While they were in college together, Barbra was the odd one out while Desiree and Ruth were engaged in giving each other pleasure. Barbra has planned a weekend to show them just what they were all missing out on during those years and tosses in a few new fantasies for them all. When you add her three male hunky roommates into the mix, it turns into one hot and sexy weekend of fantasy fulfillment.

Full Circle’s entire story takes place during the sex filled weekend reunion. Barbra, Desiree, and Ruth are all extremely comfortable in their sexuality and Full Circle has several hot sex scenes as the weekend progresses. However while I was entertained, I had a problem with the fact that Ruth and Desiree did not have full disclosure of all the facts concerning Barbra and her roommates. The end of Full Circle left me wondering what Desiree and Ruth and two of the roommates’ relationship would be after the weekend was over. 

I believe that readers should be aware that several of the ménages involve female/female/male which was not noted by the publisher.


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