Flames of Arousal by Ruth D. Kerce
Xylon Warriors, Book 3
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0742-5
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Xylon Warrior Halah Shirota is determined to locate her sister by any means necessary.  Feeling let down by the Xylon Warrior clan for not assisting her, Halah steals a spacecraft and heads to Sand Moon, the last place that her sister had supposedly been seen.  Halah’s luck goes from bad to worse because not only wasn’t her sister on Sand Moon; but now Halah is stranded without transportation and is later captured as a sex slave!

Xylon Warrior Kam Nextor needs Halah’s help to save their planet, Xylon.  Kam knows that she will not be in very receptive mode to assist him because she feels betrayed by him for lying to her on the whereabouts of sister; but, he needs Halah on Sand Moon to gain essential information to aide in his mission.  Thinking that he would have to search high and low for Halah, Kam comes across her instantly while undercover as a Master trying to purchase a sex slave. 

Can these two trust each other in order to achieve their individual goals?  And, more importantly, how will they deal with the scorching attraction that is burning between them?

As a reader who has not read the pervious two novels within this series, I highly recommend reading the first two to gain a better, detailed understanding what is going on in the background story because there is a lot of flipping back and forth between several storylines.  With that in mind, I greatly enjoyed this action-filled, highly erotic story.  The chemistry between Kam and Halah was hot enough to melt butter and it was easy to see that they were perfect for each other.  As expected with both of them being warriors, Kam and Halah are both head-strong and very determined individuals, which made for some very intriguing dialogue and passionate sexual interactions. 

The Flames of Arousal plot is very powerful, as well as mystifying. Ms Kerce has written a true edge of your seat page turner. 


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