Flame of Shadows by Sahara Kelly
Ellora’s Cave
Vampire / Regency-set
ISBN: 1-4199-0430-2
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



If he had known what he knew now Adrian would never have entangled himself with a fiery redheaded beauty by the name of Therese Osmoscescu.  Exquisite and seductive, Adrian immediately fell under her spell and what resulted from their raw, sexual escapade was Therese turning Adrian into a creature of the night – a vampire. 

Ten years had past since that horrific night and after spending all those years alone, existing only during the night and without a place to call home, Adrian pondered ending his life.  However, before he could follow through with taking his own life he met Sir Sidney Chesswell.  Instantly his life changed for the better because Sidney adopted Adrian has his ‘long lost son’ and Sidney was determined to find a cure to make Adrian human again.  But, that wasn’t the only challenge the men faced – in enters the vivacious, red-haired, blue-eyed Katherine Edgeworth.  A beautiful young woman with secrets of her own and who immediately awakens desires within Adrian that he had thought died long ago. 

From Flame of Shadows sensual lustful beginning until the dramatic conclusion, Sahara Kelly kept me hanging onto each word. I eagerly raced through the pages, desperate to see what would happen next.  The plot moved at an exciting, swift pace with a fascinating hero and heroine that I couldn’t help but fall in love with.  It was easy to see that both Adrian and Katherine belong together as a couple and they complimented each other very well; although both were hording secrets from one another.  The chemistry between them sparked with heated flames and was hot enough to simply melt away the pages.  I applaud Ms. Kelly on a wonderful job of creating a hero and heroine who instantly and fully connected with one another all while helping each other conquer evils that stemmed from their pasts. Flame of Shadows is an exhilarating, sizzling tale that I really enjoyed.


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