Faithful Beginnings by Lacy Thorn
The Debtorís Daughters
Total E-Bound
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-906328-77-1
Reviewed by Tanya



Faith has just turned 21. She knows the fate that will befall her in the morning now that she is 21.  She is to be married to the man of her fatherís choosing.  He has chosen one of his cronies that is his age, balding, and a slob.  No way is she going to go through with the wedding.  She does what any sane woman would do, she runs away the night before the wedding.  She only takes a backpack and leaves on foot, to try and slow down the possibility of being found.  What she doesnít count on is the thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere.  Now she is freezing and wet.  So she steals into a cabin that she assumes is abandoned.

Jake hears that the lovely Faith is to be wed and he canít just let her go without trying to tell her his feelings at least once.  So he is in a rented cabin on the property next to her house, plotting on how to kidnap her.  But, she seems to be playing right into his plans.  When she sneaks into the cabin he is staying in and doesnít see him he decides to steal her clothing when she is in the shower.

When Faith figures out what is up she is stunned to find Jake is more than willing to take her virginity for her.  But, will he want long term or just a fantasy night.

Faithful Beginnings is a story where "the runaway bride" is the right answer for the potential bride.  Not only that, but it works well for her overall in the fact she will get to be with the love of her life, whom she never realized cared for her also.  The surprise ending had me sitting up and taking notice, wow.  It is amazing how Ms. Thorn took the last few paragraphs to make a change to the story that had me rethinking the whole plot line and changed my mind about one of the characters.  Faithful Beginnings is a fantastic start to a new series that I hope goes far for Ms. Thorn.


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