Everything Forbidden by Jess Michaels
Avon Red
Erotic Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-128394-9
Reviewed by Annmarie



For three summers, Miranda Albright secretly watches her neighbor, Ethan Hamon, Earl of Rothschild, as he and his lovers perform wickedly depraved acts on the grounds of his country estate.   When her father dies and her family is near financial ruin, Miranda approaches the wicked earl for help.  The earl negotiates a bargain.  He will support each of Miranda’s three sisters for one seaso, both financially and socially.  In return, Miranda must submit to his passions for three months.

Even though Miranda wishes for the passion she has witnessed from her hiding place, she fears the bargain she has struck with Ethan.  Although she relishes what Ethan can do to her body, she fears what Ethan can do to her heart.

I love historical romance.  I love erotic romance.  I adore the two combined!  Jess Michaels says in her bio that in every romance she buys, she searches out ‘the good stuff’.  Well, she sure can write ‘the good stuff’!   Everything Forbidden is a scorching hot romance.  Oh, to be debauched by Ethan Hamon!  Eye-crossingly erotic with a heartwarming happily ever after, Jess Michaels’ Everything Forbidden is delicious!


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