Driven by Eve Kenin
Love Spell
Shomi, Futuristic Romance
ISBN-10: 0500552709X
ISBN-13: 978-0505527097
Reviewed by Barb



Raina Bowen has learned to survive the hard way. Always on the run, not making close friends, little family. She knows it is the only way she and those she loves will survive. Making a living as a non-company trucker, under the radar, Raina is tough, smart with a backbone of steel. Which she will need to win the Gladow Station Winnings and earn enough money to buy her sister Bethís safety.

Born with genetic gifts, Wizard is a meticulous, human-computer-sounding, smooth-voiced, gorgeous mercenary who will do whatever it takes to complete his mission. Even destroy Rainaís trust.

Can they work together and succeed at attaining both their missions?

Driven is a fast-paced look at a future with two flawed and interesting main characters that a reader does not want to put down till the very end. Ms. Keninís descriptiveness and general writing style made this story of truckers, pirates, mercenaries and freedom fighters a delight to read.


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