Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis 1 by
Jory Strong, Myla Jackson, Nicole Austin, Paige Cuccaro, Allyson James, Liddy Midnight
Ellora’s Cave
Ellora’s Cavemen Anthology: Paranormal / Menage a trois/ Light Bondage / Futuristic / Fantasy / Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4199-0521-X
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



The Ambassador’s Widow by Myla Jackson

Agent Andre Batello is a chameleon who has the ability to become anyone he desires with a single filament of a person’s DNA.  Instead of enjoying his much needed vacation, Andre has been called in for a very important assignment.  His latest task is to impersonate Ambassador Payton, who died the night before, for a vital treaty signing.  Easy mission, right?  Wrong!  Andre has a much bigger problem on his hands than the treaty.  It seems the ambassador’s estranged wife, Briana, wants to restore their loveless marriage and she chooses this night to do it.  Will Briana be too tempting for Andre to resist?

I found myself very fascinated by the idea that someone could take on another person’s identity.  I have always wondered what it would be like to become another person – what it would feel like, would you like that person’s personality, and most importantly, dealing with your own emotions while pretending to be someone else.  Myla Jackson did a superb job in satisfying my curiosity.  Ms. Jackson also showcased great writing skills with Briana as she struggled with years of being in a loveless marriage and how she came to a realization that she either needed to correct it or let it go.  And let’s not forget about the sex scenes between Andre and Briana – they were hot, hot, and scorching hot! 


Call Me Barbarian by Liddy Midnight

Princess Cedilla knows first hand how one’s life can change in an instant.  She went from being a happy princess with no worries, to being disowned and kicked out of the palace by her father because he learns she is not his birth daughter.  And all of this comes to light the moment Cedilla and the twin gladiators, Asterix and Apostoph, come face to face in the crowded amphitheater.  The second their eyes meet, all three are marked for life.  Now, Cedilla finds herself homeless and with a set of twins who are determined to claim her as their own.

Imagine having not one but two men as your soulmates, and what makes it even sweeter is that they are twins – twice as yummy!  This lustful tale is told through a first-person point-of-view, Cedilla's, and takes place during a time when all women were treated as men’s property and when barbarians were only tolerated as gladiators in the Empire society.  The ménage a trios interaction between Cedilla, Asterix, and Apostoph was mega hot and erotically passionate.  Although somewhat horrible, I really liked how Liddy Midnight concluded this story because it turned out that the Empire needed Cedilla more than they thought – regardless of her half-barbarian heritage.


Spontaneous Combustion by Nicole Austin

Dr. Madailein Flannagan has been lusting after her best friend, firefighter Jake Cruise, for a while.  Maddy would like nothing better than Jake to take control of the flaming desire burning deep inside of her, but she knows that would never happen because Jake only seems to be interested in tall, sexy women who are named after foods.  That is until Jake decides to issue a dare.  So unfair, especially when Jake knows that Maddy can never resist a challenge.  If he can guess her wildest sexual fantasy, then she and he would spend the night acting it out.  Will Maddy accept the challenge?

Whew!  Now I know what reading a wicked, naughty sexual Spontaneous Combustion story feels like.  This scrumptious tale is about two people who decide to take their friendship to a deeper, more meaningful level.  From start to finish, the plot is filled with luscious, steamy, sinful sexual images – whether as a fantasy or a real act.  Throughout this read, I was in a constant state of arousal.  Nicole Austin did a superb job of making me squirm around in my seat with heated desire and had me wishing for my own firefighter to put out my internal flame.


Dragonmagic by Allyson James

Arys, a shapeshifter dragon, is bound to a heartless witch through her magic.  Whenever, she calls upon him, Arys appears whether he wants to or not, and to make matters worse, the witch uses Arys' body to relieve all of her sexual whims.  Unbeknownst to the witch, she is about to give Arys what he most desires.  Hopefully, with the aide of a maiden named Naida and the witch’s magic spell, Arys will be able to break free and possibly gain a soulmate in the process.  Now all Arys needs to do is convince Naida that she is the key to his freedom.  Will Naida assist Arys with his task?

This is a story about never giving up even when it seems as if all hope is lost.  Although the hero had been trapped for a long time, he never lost sight of his goal of escaping.  The plot is fantastically entertaining, magically surprising, and scrumptiously passionate.   The sexual foreplay between Arys and Naida is a mouth-watering, spine-tingling event that will leave you breathless.  It is just as hot and heavy as the actual sexual encounter.  Definitely a panty-wetter!


Fallen For You by Paige Cuccaro

Zade’s job as a Watcher is to stop the Oscurita fallen angels from preying on innocent humans.  Zade’s assignment is to safeguard and train Isabel, a strong witch who just came into her ancient powers.  Zade’s latest task seems to be more difficult than expected because of his emergent attraction to Isabel and it doesn’t help matters when Isabel is trying to seduce him with her alluring charm.  Zade knows that if he gives in to his desire, his frozen soul could literally destroy Isabel.  Will Zade be able to hold out, or is Isabel a temptation he simply can’t resist?

This is a fantastic, fascinating tale of good verses evil.  Both characters are very strong-willed and determined.  Zade is trying his best to withstand his attraction towards Isabel just as much as she is trying to have her wicked way with him, all while fighting against the evil that lurks nearby, itching to discover a way to either possess or kill Isabel.  The plot is intriguingly thrilling, passionate, and will quickly grab your attention from the start and hold tightly until the dramatic, spell-bounding conclusion.  I took great pleasure in reading this tantalizing story.


The Joining by Joy Strong

After five years of being a loving couple, Jett and Mozaiic du’Zheren of the planet Adjara have finally been rewarded the rights to add a third, a woman, to their union. Her name is Siria Chaton, a water diviner.  Eager to bring their third into their circle, Jett and Mozaiic quickly travel to the water world of Qumaar, hoping to entice Siria with an offer she can’t refuse. 

I thought this was a great closing story for this anthology.  Not only did it have steamy hot sexual encounters, whether m/m, m/f, or m/m/f; but it also contained a fabulous love story.  You could truly see the love and desire between Jett and Mozaiic and when they added Siria, it only made what they had so much more special.  Joy Strong will simply astonish readers with all the compelling emotions showcased throughout this tale.


Dream of the Oasis 1 is an excellent mixture of wonderful stories that will leave you panting for more.  Each time I entangle myself deeply into anthologies, I always selflessly wish them to be a tad bit longer.  Yet I can’t resist picking up one to lose myself in whenever I come across it.  This collection of Ellora’s Cavemen tales will satisfy any fantasy hunger as it has a variety of stories that range from the erotic paranormal to the naughty menage a trios.  Enjoy!


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