Demonís Kiss by Maggie Shayne
Wings in the Night Series, Book 1
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2497-3
Reviewed by Annmarie



Reaper prefers his loner status among his vampire brethren.  On a mission to wipe out a gang of rogues, Reaper acquires a gang of his own.  A newly turned vampire, a human healer, a shape-shifter and a spoiled vampire socialite become Reaperís team mates, friends and comrades in his battle to protect his very existence. 

Seth, a newly turned vampire, is drawn to Vixen, a young woman once held captive by the gang of rogues.  Vixen is unsure of the emotions Seth elicits from her but unless she and the others destroy the rogues, sheíll never have a chance to sort them out.

Maggie Shayneís Demonís Kiss introduces a host of characters that are both imaginatively drawn and wonderfully fascinating.  While Reaper is the leader of the new gang and is totally pant-worthy, Seth and Vixen are the love interests in this installment of the Wings in the Night series.  If you are a lover of paranormal romance with a continuing story line, donít miss Maggie Shayneís Demonís Kiss!


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