Dead Over Heels by MaryJanice Davidson
Paranormal/Romantic Comedy
ISBN: 0425219410
Reviewed by Jambrea



“Undead and Wed:  A Honeymoon Story”

Betsy is finally married and off to New York for a wonderful honeymoon with Sinclair.  That is until her best friend crashes the honeymoon and a murder just about ruins it.

Undead and Wed:  A Honeymoon Story is another Vampire Queen story and it lives up to all the other stories in the Undead series.  Betsy is hilarious and Sinclair is a great straight man to Betsy’s craziness.  This story delivers the funny just like the others in the Betsy series.   Long live Betsy!



Con Conlinson is a TV personality who makes his living telling others how to survive in extreme circumstances.  That is until he loses his crew and all his food during a storm on the sea.  The lovely mermaid, Reanesta, shows up and comes to Con’s rescue showing him who the true survival expert is.

Survivors is part of the Fred the Mermaid series and it rocks!  It can be read without reading any of the other Mermaid books, but the others are just as fun as Survivors.   Reanesta is a wonderful character and she is perfect for Con. 


“Speed Dating, Werewolf Style”

Or, Ow, I Think You Broke the Bone”

Cain needs to find a mate, and fast.  Everyone she knows is married and having pups except for her and her best friend Saul.  She turns to Saul for help, but it only leads to disaster.  Does Saul have an ulterior motive?

Speed Dating, Werewolf Style is part of the Wyndham Werewolf series.  I love a good werewolf story and Cain is a kick ass heroine.  She takes no prisoners and I LOVE her.  Saul is perfect for her and I’m glad Cain realizes it.  While Speed Dating, Werewolf Style is a part of the Wyndham Werewolf series it can be read as a stand alone story.


Dead Over Heels is a fantabulous read and MaryJanice Davidson just knows how to keep the funny going.  This book is totally for the fan of any or all three of her popular series.  She takes one book and puts three wonderful stories from three great series together for the ultimate read.  MaryJanice Davidson knows how to write wonderfully quirky characters and her stories flow so smoothly that by the time I reach the end I want to start all over again.


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