Dead on the Money by Venita Louise
Vintage Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9793327-2-2
Reviewed by Scarlet



It all began in 1936 with a dying man’s last whispered wish. 

Detective Tom Trask and his new fiancée Olivia are back, this time to solve a stalking that directly involves someone very close to them.  Tom leaves town to follow leads in his investigation, yet is nervous about leaving Olivia unprotected.  When she is left on her own too long she has a tendency to do a little amateur investigating of her own.  Sadly, Olivia has a lot to learn about investigation and it may take a few really close calls before she and Tom can settle into their new life as husband and wife,

Author, Venita Louise brings the 1940’s to vivid life with her dialogue and descriptive gift.  Tom and Olivia are well-matched people that I felt an affinity with from the onset.  He is smart, charming and his protective instincts are brought out as soon as Olivia is threatened.  Olivia is an admirable young woman; she is ahead of her time in the independence she presents.  Her innate goodness and giving nature are well portrayed as she deals with Uncle Charlie, Aunt Floretta and Tom.  She has a penchant for getting into scrapes, thinking she is more expert at crime investigation than she truly is.  She and Tom have a subtle chemistry that hums along in the background, not taking away from the suspense.  There are plenty of curves in the storyline to keep readers guessing to the dramatic end.  A bonus of Initials for Murder, the prequel to Dead on the Money, gave this reader a much more indepth picture of the characters and their backgrounds.  I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Louise’s book and look forward to reading future releases. 


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