Blue Dragon Challenge by Aurora Rose Lynn
Total E-Bound Publishing
Fantasy & Fairytales m/f
ISBN: 978-1-906328-09-2
Reviewed by Beth Anne



Independent, strong-willed Justine Brown has fallen in love with her best friend of five years, Scott, Prince of Vandaria.  Scott, unaware of Justine’s feelings, has been given an ultimatum from his godmother to find his future queen within the week or lose his kingdom.  The only clue he was given:  she has a blue dragon tattoo on her butt cheek.

With the help of Justine’s godmother, Justine disguises herself and what follows between Scott and Justine are sexy escapades with different goals in mind from both participants.  Scott is looking for his bride, while Justine wants Scott and his hard-body before she has to say goodbye forever.  Justine’s private thoughts are erotic and explicit when detailing what kind of relationship she would prefer with Scott, but she maintains a safe and secured distance physically and sexually from Scott to ensure the continuity of their friendship.

With the onset of the ultimatum, the Blue Dragon Challenge becomes fast-paced with daring sexual adventures.   But will dressing up and role-playing as a Nurse, a Goth chic, or a glamorous Princess convince Scott he already has the woman of his dreams?  I thought the interaction between Justine and Scott was fun, playful, and sexy.  The search for Scott’s future bride brought out Justine’s adventurous side and Scott’s dominant nature.  A fun and erotic read!


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