Blood Desires by Laura Baumbach
MLR Press
Erotic M/M Paranormal Anthology
ISBN 978-1-934531-11-2
Reviewed by Nannette



Walk Through Fire

Every year for the last one hundred and fifty seven years Vampire Caleb Archer has had to fight Astaroth, the Duke of Hellís demons trying to save his lover Drew. Will tonight be the night he finally succeeds in setting him free?

Walk Through Fire is a story filled with dark imagery. Itís edgy, exciting, and romantic. Itís excellent!  


Dark Side Of The Moon

Hustler and vampire Harley Scott is on the run. Harley goes from town to town trying to out run the Eliminators. He gets some unexpected help when heís taken to Matt. Matt intends to keep Harley, whether he likes it or not.


Dark side Of the Moon is a good story, itís very entertaining, but Harley is nasty to Matt and then the story ends In the middle of a fight.



Colin Dobson is trying to kill himself and Rowland Campbell is trying to save himself. They end up saving each other.

Enthralled is a romantic story.  Rowland is a typical vampire; heís got a blackened heart, but he still has the ability to love. Colin is sweet, and together they create and interesting scenario. 



Tannerís lover is a vampire. When Gideon feeds from someone with tainted blood, he changes and Tanner becomes afraid of him for the first time.


Addicted starts off on the darker note but becomes rather sweet and romantic.  It is a good story.


Blood Desires is comprised of four very well written vampire stories. Itís a bit dark, often romantic and very hot.  


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