Beloved Deceiver by Margaret Blake
Whiskey Creek Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59374-507-3
Reviewed by Tanya



Flora is a spontaneous nineteen year old who has just lost her mother, and though she was warned by her mother to never approach her father, she has taken matters into her own hands and goes to tell him of her mother’s death.  Little does she know he wants to make a pawn of her and expects her to follow his every wish.  But she is headstrong and strikes a bargain of her own.

Marshall “Mars” is on the island for rest and relaxation.  Though he is also next door to one of his most hated enemies, he does this to keep him close.  He is intrigued by Flora and doesn’t turn her away when she seems to wander over and chat with him.  While she is immediately drawn to him, he sees her as a little kitten or a pesky puppy that keeps showing up, but you can’t help but like.

Then she propositions him.  Marry her and get revenge on her father and help her out of the bind she’s found herself in.  He refuses but as he sees she is being held against her wishes, he proposes an alternate.  Will she take him up on it?  Will he come to love her as she does him?

Wonderful heartfelt contemporary romance is what jumps into my mind when I think about Beloved Deceiver.  I was drawn into the interactions between Flora and Mars as well as how they each tried to hide their feelings from the other to keep from being hurt.  The author weaves a wonderful story in the genre category romance, the stories I used to read and are still popular today.  Beloved Deceiver is a wonderful heartfelt story that will make you both frown and smile.


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