Au Naturel by Mary Winter
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419913006
Reviewed by Indy



On top of the world, ad exec Reba Dailey never knew her fast paced world filled with deadlines and demands would cause her to almost lose her life. Now sheís jobless, living on the kindness of her best friend and still reminiscing about the one that got away. When itís suggested she call Todd, the holistic healer whose kiss is still the inspiration for her late night dreams, to help her with his natural therapies sheís unsure if she should. Todd was angry over Rebaís insensitive treatment but instead of focusing on it heís spent his time building his business and becoming rather successful.  Seeing her again brings back his attraction full force but with Rebaís physical and personal problems it just may be too late for these two to have a chance.

Iím a semi-fan of natural healing so it was cute to see an author actually write about some of the specialties Iíve heard of in my day to day reading. Au Naturel is a story with a lot of emotional changes centered on the heroine, her illness and her attempts to rebuild her life. Being that I tend to not like wimpy women I must admit to slowly losing patience with the heroine. I acknowledge her struggles and physical limitations, but it seemed as if she was too willing to wallow in her troubles for me to really connect with her as a reader. Her lover Todd reminded me of men who love being the White Knight, I can save you type of guys who enjoy making sure their women are coddled and taken care of. Mary Winter is actually an author who I look forward to reading, itís just this story didnít work for me as a reader.


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