Another Life by Ann Roth
ISBN-10: 0-8217-8034-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-8217-8034-3
Reviewed by Barb



Mary Beth Mason has spentthe past twenty years living the life her husband Stephen has set out for her. His friends are their friends and all activities are chosen by him. Their daughter, Aurora, goes to the very best schools with his friends’ children. Very little in Mary Beth’s life swerves from the path set out by Stephen. Stephen has promised to always take care of her.

One day Mary Beth gets a phone call that changes her life forever. Stephen has had a massive coronary. Instead of being taken care of, Mary Beth finds out that all Stephen has left her is a mountain of debt, a house mortgaged to the hilt, and his other family. The other wife and daughter he forgot to mention over the years.

Another Life is a compelling look at a woman’s ability to find the strength she never realized she had when everything she ‘knows’ is taken away from her. Ann Roth has written a novel to make a woman think about what she truly knows about her life. The reader reevaluates what they know about themselves, their finances, and their relationships.  Mary Beth’s journey of discovery may start out with Stephen’s death but as her journey develops, the story revolves around Mary Beth’s hidden strengths. Not forgotten are Stephen’s other wife and two daughters whose lives are also suddenly thrown into an uproar as his web of lies unfurls. Another Life is a novel that keeps the reader’s attention from beginning to end.


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