Adopted Son by Linda Warren
Harlequin Super Romance
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 0-373-78185-7, 0-373-78185-7
Reviewed by Barb



Texas Ranger Jeremiah ‘Tuck’ Tucker has lived a life knowing the love of wonderful parents and the uncertainty of not knowing where he came from. He has decided he will only adopt children in need and not have any of his own.

Grace Whitten has spent her life making her father happy. After becoming a lawyer and head of the family law firm to make him happy, she realizes something. It is not enough. She needs more. If only she could figure out what she wants/needs.

One day, Tuck finds Brady, a neglected two-year-old boy. When he decides to adopt him and finds out that Grace is representing a couple that also want custody, their relationship goes to a new level.

Adopted Son tugs at the heartstrings. It looks at the subject of how vulnerable children can be and the lengths that are needed to bring said children to a safer place. Both Tuck and Grace develop and grow wonderfully during the story.  The one thing I did not like about Adopted Son was that Ms. Warren specifies how Tuck does not want children of his own. And at the end of the book, he does a 180 without giving any new information, which was very inconsistent.


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