A Red Hot New Year by Diana Mercury, Denise Rossetti,
Cynthia Eden, Virginia Reede
Avon Red
Erotic Romance, Shapechangers, Paranormal
ISBN: 9780061451478
ISBN-10: 0061451479
Reviewed by Barb


 "New Year’s Bites” by Cynthia Eden

Leaving work on New Year’s Eve to go to her friend’s party, Anna Summers is attacked.  She is not sure what attacked her but Anna is sure she was rescued by tall, sexy Jon York. The man she has been lusting after for months.  The bite she received from the attack is changing her body. She is now more aware of the world around her.

The attraction between Anna and Jon York makes “New Year’s Bites” a steamy look at being bitten.  Ms. Eden has written a hot tale of sex and animal attraction. The added suspense of Anna being stalked by a werewolf added depth to the tale.


"Night Resolution”s by Diana Mercury

Chantal felt the house party would be an excellent opportunity to seduce her lover Billy. Too bad it doesn’t seem to be working as well as she wished. The house party had undercurrents of sex and intrigue that just do not seem to make sense.

“Night Resolutions” was an interesting tale where a woman found out exactly where her life and her relationship were heading. It had interesting twists and turns and did not end where you expected it to end. A few spots were a bit rough but still an imaginative tale.


“Snow Blind” by Virginia Reede

Gerry and Jules have been good friends for years. The New Year’s weekend spent at the cabin Jules gets for them and their dates is a time for the couples to bond and get to know and appreciate each other. Gerry and Jules end up taking their relationship to the next level.

I found “Snow Blind” to be an intriguing tale of two people realizing they don’t know each other as well as they could. The sex scenes between Gerry and Jules were sultry and hot. That said having two couples detracted from the beauty of the story as it turned the story petty at times. All in all, “Snow Blind” was a delightful tale.


“Coming on Strong” by Denise Rossetti

Gina McBride has lived her life knowing she is different. She becomes more and more dragon-like the more turned on she gets. Over time she has learned to accept herself even if she is not happy with herself. Sexy, smart Sam Jones brings out the beast in Gina. It thrills her even as it scares her.

I found “Coming on Strong” to be an irresistible and intriguing story of a woman finding herself and what she is capable of in a unique and compelling way. “Coming on Strong” had me fanning myself as I read it and wishing that it were a longer story as I did not want it to end.


A Red Hot New Year is a hot anthology that keeps the reader engrossed from the first story to the last.  I found myself reading it from beginning to end as I did not want to and could not put it down.


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