A Highlander for Christmas by Sandy Blair
Time Travel Romance
ISBN 0821779974
Reviewed by Amelia



Claire MacGregor runs the Velvet Pumpkin, an antique store in Boston. While preparing for the Christmas season, she learns of the death of her longtime friend, Tavish MacLean. Tavish leaves her everything, including a puzzle box that holds quite a surprise.

Sir Cameron MacLeod is preparing for battle with a rival clan in 1745. Before leaving, he visits his adoptive mother, well known through the region for her powers. The next thing he knows heís standing naked in a strange place, and in front of a strange, but beautiful, woman.

Claireís not sure what to make of the handsome highlander who appears from the puzzle box. They set out to try and find a way to send him back to his own time. But after studying books and consulting with witches, they know that heís stuck in 2007. He has lots of things to come to terms with: the fact that bucks arenít always deer, and the fact heís falling in love with Claire.

A Highlander for Christmas is a touching, sweet story. Ms. Blair has drawn wonderful characters. I could feel their pain over the situation in which they found themselves. I could also feel the love grow between them. Camís adjustments to modern day life brought more than a few laughs. And their love for each other brought quite a few smiles. A Highlander for Christmas is a great read, at any time of the year.   


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