A Greek Affair by Flesa Black
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-293-1
Reviewed by Jo



Rachel Connelly has finally had a major breakthrough in her career with the Green National Opera.  She has a leading role, not the leading lady role, but a leading role all the same, and tonight is her opening night.  Rachel is very excited and it goes perfectly for her--until a knock on the door reveals the reason she left her hometown and ended up in Greece in the first place: her first and only love Ben.  Ben Slater believed he was doing the right thing in lying to Rachel and sending her away from him.  However, he has never forgotten how she made him feel or how she looked when he sent her away.  Now he is in Greece for a business deal and he is not going to miss this opportunity to get Rachel back, even if he has to go through her roommate Guy.

Rachel still wants Ben, but she's unwilling to risk him breaking her heart again.  She decides to take advantage of the half-lie Ben got from Guy and suggests they have an affair.  Ben never expected the spark between them to flair into an inferno so quickly and when Rachel makes her suggestion, he decides to use it to his advantage to get her to fall in love with him again.  Both Ben and Rachel have an underlying plan in agreeing to their affair, but when it ends, will there by a happy ever after or do the fates have another ending in store for them?

A Greek Affair is about two very strong-willed people who separated under bad terms and came back together after years of being apart.  Rachel is living and working in Greece, but her heart is still back in her hometown and with her first love.  Ben never lost his love for Rachel and has decided to get her back into his life and bed.  I found the passages that Ben and Rachel had to go through only added to their joy and the intensity of their passion when they finally came back together.  It also added to my pleasure as I read of their struggles, and at times, I wanted to knock their heads together for being so bullheaded (this includes Guy).  I was truly excited to find that not only were Ben and Rachel going to get their forever love, but Guy also  found his love by the end.  A Greek Affair has an underlying plot of half-lies, but I found they were all done by a person trying to do what they believed was best for another.  I also found that they added to the anticipation of discovering what would happen next for all the parties.  A Greek Affair has passion and misunderstandings that make it a story that should be read and enjoyed with the knowledge that a happy ending can happen to everyone.


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