A Gift of Myrrh by Jodi Lynn Copeland
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0917-7
Reviewed by Nikita Steele


After his twin brotherís death, Tavish MacBain is returning home to Castle Wynderon. As a babe, Tavish was exiled from Scotland to an English relative because their father only wanted his eldest heir, Tavishís twin bother, to be raised within the walls of Castle Wynderon. As the newly appointed Laird, Tavish knows he has a lot to deal with, namely to gain the trust of his villagers and to cope with his brotherís widow, Lady Kristiana MacBain, whom his deceased brother led him to believe is a repulsive shrew with no morals and whom Tavish secretly believes to have tricked his brother into marriage. Instead of an unattractive woman, Kristiana turns out to be a sultry, beautiful woman whom Tavish has a difficult time keeping his hands off of even though he doesnít trust her.

Lady Kristiana MacBain canít believe her eyes. While standing within the castle door talking with her best friend, Kristiana sees her dead husband trotting towards her. After the initial shock, Kristiana soon realizes the man is not her husband, but his twin brother, whom she had yet to meet but had heard horrible things about. Regardless of the many atrocious sayings about Tavish, Kristiana finds it very difficult to contain her burning desire to be with him, especially since she was harboring a secret from him concerning her marriage to her late husband.

This historical romance is overflowing with enormous passion and lustful interactions. Within seconds of meeting for the first time, flaming sparks soar between Tavish and Kristiana. Because of the distrust issues sitting heavily between the couple, they both try to deny their desires to be with one another. Yet it was obvious to see they belonged together. The author does an excellent job of resolving the issues between them in a tear-jerking moment.  Overall, I found A Gift of Myrrh to be a wonderful romance showcasing two very strong-willed people who are looking for the same thing yet are too stubborn to admit their true feelings.


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