A Friend and A Lover by Tressie Lockwood
Amira Press
Contemporary Interracial
Reviewed by Nellie


Asia Jordan was brought up in a strict environment, which meant saving herself for after marriage. Things donít go according to plan as her boyfriend dumps her because she wouldnít give it up to him. Frustrated, discouraged, and with her friendsí encouragement it took one drunken night for things to go spiraling out of control. Asia wakes up in bed with a stranger and has no clue as to what transpired during the night, but one thing she knows is that Collin, the stranger, had popped her cherry. Stuck in the bathroom in her birthday suit, with no sight of her clothes, what is a girl to do, think quickly of course and find a means of escape as his mother has just announced her entrance in the house while Collin slumbers.  

A Friend and A Lover was a humorous, and ďoh no she didnítĒ, situation. It was straight to the point without too many embellishments on the situation. From the first page you get hooked and you canít wait for the next little unexpected bomb to drop. I was completely surprised and floored about Diamondís situation, It was a nice and unexpected twist, at the end it was a well written story with a lot of thought put in it. 


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