A Forbidden Temptation by Donna Grant
The Shields, Book 4
New Concepts Publishing
Sensual Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-1-6394-090-0
Reviewed by Nannette



Val is a Shield. The Shields travel through time to stop the great evil and his minions. When they find them, they usually find one of the Chosen as well. Val and his friend and fellow shield Gabriel,  are led to Scotland in the year 1436 this time, where they find Nicole and save her from a Gryphon.

Nicole has spent her life shunned and alone. She has always known she is destined to die, but did not know why until Val and Gabriel explain to her who she is and why they must protect her.

While Val is willing to protect Nicoleís life, he is not willing to give her his heart.  Nicoleís innocence and passion consume him, though, and his desire for her becomes too strong to deny.

A Forbidden Temptation is another exciting story in The Shields series.  The romance, sensuality and danger are present as always, but A Forbidden Temptation also offers several surprises. Nicoleís innocence is charming and sweet and Valís responses to her range from amusing to deeply sensual. I like the mystery and romance in a Forbidden Temptation. Itís a very good story.


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