A Christmas Stalking by Donna Dalton
The Wild Rose Press
Suspense Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Shannon Malloy is a 911 dispatcher who is just getting over another bad romance.  The snake of an ex, she has just learned, has taken his latest to Jamaica for the holidays.  It just figures.  When she picks up an extra shift and is working with one of her long time best friends Dex, something really weird happens.  She gets a troubling 911 call.  The caller talks about suicide but also mentions the death of another woman.  When they canít trace the call, the night goes on.  But Dex lets the police know about the call and Detective Hugh is very interested.  The woman the caller mentioned was found dead earlier in the day.

Roses are left on Shannonís stoop and she begins receiving crank calls, but she doesnít think anything of it until the caller leaves a message.  Her 911 caller is stalking her.  Hugh steps in and promises to keep her safe.  Shannon doesnít mind the hunk hanging around, but her ex was a cop and she just isnít ready for another one.  But Hugh makes it clear he will wait, and he thinks the wait will be worth it.  Now can they just keep Shannon safe from the stalker, so she can give love another chance?

A Christmas Stalking is a fast-paced, powerful story about stalking and finding love.  I do feel that the story wrapped up a bit too quickly and left me wanting more, but there was a good overall plot line and a nice hunky hero.  As a Rosette for Wild Rose Press this book is a very quick read but I found it worth the time.



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