Vamptations by Leanne Strange, Ravyn Reccio, Emery LaRue, Skylar Sinclair, Michael Barnette, and Megan Hussey
Erotic-ahh Digest Vol. 06-27
Midnight Showcase
Vampire / Erotic Anthology
ISBN: 1555-5496
Reviewed by Jo



Lord of the Night by Leanne Strange


Lucan Wolf has been in the supernatural realm of Eternus for a very long time, so long in fact that he actually canít remember.  Lucan has come to think of it has his home.  He has been allowed out for short periods of time to help someone but Lucan has always had to come back.  Lucan now puts his wishes into hoping that Eternus will let someone else into the realm that can be the companion he was waited for.  Bobbie has appeared in Eternus but she has no idea why or even who she is at first.  Gradually Bobbie understands that she has a major decision to make and that it will affect both herself and Lucan.  Both Lucan and Bobbie understand that Eternus is giving them the choice of two paths to be together.  The question is which path will give them the best chance of happiness. 


Lord of the Night doesnít really have anything to do with the normal vampire aspects you would expect.  Rather it deals with taking the easy way out or making the choice to deal with problems of your life.  In a way Lucan has given up until Bobbie arrives.  Once Bobbie comes to grips with what has happened, she determines the best way to follow the heart, which is agreed to by Lucan.  I wondered about the outcome all the way through this story, but I did agree with the route that Bobbie and Lucan choose and the strength of character it took to do so.  I found this to be a bit of a slow read but it did make you think about what you would do in their shoes.


Vampyric Dreams by Ravyn Reccio


Gabrielle Fuertes has been dreaming of the perfect lover for the last seven years.  It is a bit concerning to her as Gabrielle believes in the power of dreams and she isnít sure if this man even exists.  The only thing she knows for sure is that if she feels this way about a dream man it shows the lack in her feelings about the man she is engaged to.  One morning after an extremely erotic dream, Gabrielle awakes to a rose and note from her dream man on her pillow.  Micah Davenport has been searching for his true mate for the last 600 years and finally he has found her.  Because of the danger Micah knows Gabrielle will face when they do come together, he has been taking his time and getting her accustomed to him.  However when the evil trying to keep Micah from his true position and keep them apart forever makes its move, Micah has to push Gabrielle into remembering and making her choices.  Gabrielle does not understand what is happening but she knows that the only way to survive is to follow her heart to the love of her life.


Vampyric Dreams lets the reader look into the realm of what some consider as evil.  Just like any other society, there are levels of good and bad with evil.  Micah was left with his memories and thrust out of his true position within his society until he could rejoin with his true mate.  Gabrielle has been reborn without any of the memories of what was before.  Micah and Gabrielle not only have to find a way to break through the barrier of Gabrielleís memories, but they have to fight against one of the worst elements of Micahís society while doing it.  I watched Micah and Gabrielle fight for not only their love but also for Gabrielleís life.  I could tell all the way through that Micah was towards the top of his society but I would have never guessed the ending.  I found that Vampyric Dreams had a great suspense plot, which mixed well with the paranormal background that had much more than just vampires. I think everyone will be engaged with Micah and Gabrielleís story.


Love & Redemption by Emery LaRue


Draven Gregos has spent many, many years surviving because of his hatred toward the vampire that changed him and his brother, Logan.  He has spent these years tracking her down and imagining his revenge.  It has been all consuming until he walks into a library and discovers that there are other things in life to live for.  Timbre is rescued at the library from a strange man whom she feels an immediate connection with.  Timbre really doesnít have time for a new relationship right now because she also takes care of her sister, Sahara, who was involved in a violent crime and hasnít come to terms yet.  That afternoon, Timber and Draven connect in a way neither imagined nor expected.  It also would lead to lasting changes in all four lives.  In the background of their emerging relationship there is still the lingering matter of the vampire that changed both Draven and Logan and what she is currently doing to the town. 


Love & Redemption has loveable characters, not only Draven and Timber but also in Logan and Sahara.  Of course for all the good characters there has to be ones that you hate to off set them and they are here too.  Draven has spent his new life immersed in hate and the need for revenge.  Timber has been trying to help her sister while having to deal with the injustice the town gave her.  Together all four of them found a way to not only deal out the justice that had been missing but to find the type of love that lasts forever and just gets stronger.  I admit that at certain points I was cheering for Draven and Timber and also for Logan and Sahara.  One punch I just canít hide is that you get 2 great romances in one story, but Iím not going to tell you how or why - you are just going to have to read the story.  It is a truly wonderful read.


Scent of Passion by Skylar Sinclair


Fabyan Markovitz has been waiting and watching for the last hundred years for his lost love to reappear.  Finally one night he catches her scent in a nightclub and while she might be totally different in looks and attitude, Fabyan has no doubt that he has found his lost love.  Fabyan wastes no time in going after what he was missed for so long.  Jessie Wells is use to being the center of attention but even she is amazed at how attuned she is to the stranger in the dark corner of the club.  When he comes to her and asks to buy her a drink, Jesse can only agree while being stunned by her instant feelings.   Fabyan and Jesse leave together that night and things get hot and heavy quickly between them.  After a night of explosive sex and a morning that appears to take up right were they left off, Jesse is suddenly getting memories that she canít believe or understand of her and Fabyan.  However by the end of them Jesse understands everything and now she has to convince Fabyan of exactly where her heart and mind are so that they are never apart again


Scent of Passion reminded me that while memories can come and go, certain things like scent and love will always be remembered.  Fabyan lost his wife and mate a hundred years ago when he could not prevent her death.  Jesse has lead a normal life until she meets Fabyan and his scent begins to trigger suppressed memories of a deep love and life that was lost.  It is said that you never forget your truest love and I have to agree with that.  In Scent of Passion I found that Ms. Sinclair also must believe in those lines for she gave that type of love, lost and regained love to Fabyan and Jesse.  For lovers of Ms. Sinclairís books, which I am, you will not be disappointed.  I know I wasnít.


FE959 by Michael Barnette


FE959 or Frontier Explorer 959 has been patrolling the far edge of charted space for a long time and now hardly ever leaves his ship except when he has to go through his physical training.  However one day he receives a distress signal from a planet whos' atmosphere will kill very quickly. As a matter of fact FE959 can already tell that many of the people on board have already died and several others will shortly unless they get help quickly.  He knows that no one from the Frontier Explorationís Central Command can get to the survivors quickly enough and decides to go in himself.  A decision that will change his life forever.  Korrine Dubouis wakes up and knows instantly that something has gone wrong.  There is smoke and the smell of burning plastic in her sleep pod.  She is rescued by a stranger who tells her his name is a title; however as they talk Korrine discovers there is much more to FE959.  As the day goes on into the night, Korrine and FE959 discover many things including the impossible family found and the finding of your fated true mate.  However can Korrine and Ettienne (FE959) overcome the blocks that have been placed in Ettienne and grab the surprising love that appeared?


FE959 shows just what can happen when the dominant portion of society demand their way over a smaller portion of society.  Especially if they are scared of that minority.  Ettienne (FE959) many years ago accepted the limitations placed over him in order to live and suppressed his entire identity.  Korrine has seen just what the so-called ďnormalĒ population can do and agreed to help a family escape it.  Fate shows once again that it rules over all and creates a way for Korrine and Ettienne to meet and discover their destiny.  I was intrigued by FE959 from the beginning and had to flip the pages to discover what would happen as there was no way I could have figured out the ending.  I ended this story with the hope that Ettienne and Korrine are brought back in a longer book, even as secondary characters, as I really want to know what happens next.  




Song of the Vamp by Megan Hussey


Antonia Sinn has been the manager for two years of one of the hottest acts in the nightclub circuit.  Sylvan does his own male cabaret show for the ladies and he never leaves any of his audience wanting.  To Antonia however he can be a major pain in the ass.  She can never get him to agree to any meetings during the day and when they do meet for business, Antonia constantly faces his many admirers.  Antonia has been ignoring her feelings towards Slyvan because after all she is his manager even if she is also a woman.  Slyvan has been deemed the ďthe vampĒ because of his lifestyle and he does everything he can to encourage it.  It is his strict policy to never leave any woman unsatisfied and he never misses the mark with any of his audience.  Every night Slyvan has his choice of audience members to take backstage and usually he does, however he really wants to have is straight-laced manager, Antonia.  One night Antonia is attacked by one of the clubs workers and Slyvan finds out about it.  This leads to a chain reaction that will not only put Antonia and Slyvan in the spotlight but will also threaten the closely kept secret that Slyvan keeps from everyone.  Together they discover a deep love and now Antonia will have to make a decision to save it and keep Slyvanís secret.


Song of the Vamp is a true love story between Antonia and Slyvan.  Mystery might be good for the career of a nightclub act but in Slyvanís case the truth is stranger than the mystery.  Antonia runs her management company and clients very straight laced so when she begins to have feelings for Slyvan, it goes against everything she practices.  Slyvan shows Antonia that sometimes feelings have to be put in front of business.  I fell under Slyvan and Antoniaís spell from the beginning and didnít want their story to end.  I truly hope that someday we hear from then again.  Song of the Vamp will drag you under its spell pretty quickly and I donít think you will guess the truth of Slyvan until he tells you. 


Vamptations is a book of vampires, true, but that just doesnít cover it.  All of these stories take the vampire in totally different ways.  I thought that the stories just built one upon the other and although I loved some better than others, none were misses.  Whether you like your paranormal straight up, with a bit of fantasy, or even with other paranormal characters there is something in Vamptations for you.  It is a book that no vampire lover will want to miss and will want to keep.



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