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To Protect and…Seduce? by Deirdre O’Dare
Romantic Suspense
Amber Heat
ISBN: 1-59279-595-1
Reviewed by Gracie



Amy Maxwell is on the run and she is taking her son with her.  She is escaping her common law husband who is not only abusive but involved in several illegal practices.  Amy knows the risk that she is taking, but above everything else she needs to keep her son safe.


Jack Maloney is a local police officer who is, also, a single father after the death of his wife.  Jack is a good solid man who loves his daughter and his nice life in the small Arizona town. 


After careful planning, Amy takes her son, C.S., and moves to a small Arizona town where she thinks she will be safe from her ex and his family.  She is not sure how she feels about living next door to a cop, but C.S. loves his daughter and she wants her son to be happy.  Amy and C.S. fall into a nice routine and Amy has to admit she is growing quite attracted to her new neighbor, but she is not ready to confide in him.  Jack is attracted to Amy, whom he knows as Angie, and he realizes that there is more to her past than she is letting on.  As Amy and Jack’s relationship heats up…Amy’s past comes back to haunt them.  Will Jack be able to keep Amy and C.S. safe and does true love really conquer all?


To Protect and…Seduce? was a sexy emotional story.  Amy is a kind strong woman who has endured much in her life and finally decides to take her life back.  Jack is a great and sexy man who wants to break through the barriers Amy has put up.  The attraction between these two is hot but watching the emotion build between them was sincere and heart warming.  Deirdre O’Dare writes heartfelt and sexy stories and everyone should have a white knight like Jack.



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