This Magic Moment by Michele Lang, Christy Gissendaner, Michelle L. Levigne and Vijaya Schartz
Triskelion Publishing
Paranormal Romance Anthology
ISBN: 1-60186-055-2
Reviewed by Katherine



Eight Crazy Nights by Michele Lang


Carla Mauzone celebrated Chanukah as a dutiful daughter.  However, with the loss of her father and daughter, it seemed sometimes Carla was only going through the motions of living.  When her mother Rosie announces that she plans to see her two daughters married within the year, both Carla and her sister Frannie know they are in trouble.  And as a somewhat renowned matchmaker, Rosie already had a man picked for Carla, her doctor, Jon Solomon.


Jon has found it hard to move on after the loss of his wife, especially since he has conversations with her on a regular basis.   He isn’t crazy, he just has visits by a ghost.  Now Carla and Jon have two people pushing them together, a Jewish matchmaking mother and a ghost.


Eight Crazy Nights is an emotional romance with a dash of paranormal.  Carla and Jon must both move past the ghosts of their past¾literally for Jon¾in order to find a future together.  I enjoyed the matchmaking mother, the peek into the Jewish holiday of Chanukah and the blossoming romance between Carla and Jon.  I hope to see Michele Lang write a sequel to find out who Rosie picks for Frannie’s husband.



Chirstmas Spirits by Chirsty Gissendaner


Kia Mays has returned home for Christmas and her first stop is to see her beloved grandmother, Anaya Carpenter.  Naya was from Baoule, the Ivory Coast in Africa, and this year she has a special gift for her granddaughter.  She gives her a figurine that is the physical representation of her spirit lover.   According to Naya’s beliefs, you are with your spirit lover before you are born and reunited after death.  Until Kia makes peace with her spirit lover, she won’t be able to have love during her life. 


Kia didn’t know what to make of Naya’s gift, but boy is she surprised when the doll disappears and a man claiming to be her spirit lover stands before her.  Although they can’t be together during their respective lives on earth, Tedros wants Kia to find a loving partner.


Christmas Spirits definitely has a unique twist.  Instead of a deceased love trying to help, this is a spirit lover who has been with Kia for all time.  It was interesting to learn of a different culture and their beliefs, although it was still a bit disconcerting to have Tedros helping Kia in her pursuit of Elliot. 



A Faerie Divine Christmas by Michelle L. Levigne


Clark could believe in just about anything when he was in Divine’s Emporium.  Even being jaded from a short-lived marriage doesn’t stop him from making a wish on the Wishing Ball.  In fact, he was feeling the Christmas Spirit so much, that after hearing Terry wishing for a better job, he gives the kid his card, figuring they’d place him in the warehouse.


Terry couldn’t believe her luck when her wish for a job comes true.  She knew she didn’t look her best, she had been cleaning and was grimy, but Clark was obviously a nice man to have made the offer.


Maurice is a Fae exiled to live among humans for a year.  Part of his penance is going to be to help Clark and Terry come together.  Maurice will have fun with the nasty Chester who always tries to take anything Clark wants or has, even Clark’s wife.  But it will be bringing these two together that will be the most rewarding.


A Faerie Divine Christmas was a very enjoyable read.  I loved reading Maurice’s viewpoint when he devises ways of bringing Clark and Terry together, as well as his plots of taking Chester down a notch or two, or even three.  Clark and Terry are the perfect couple.  A Faerie Divine Christmas is my favorite story in this anthology.



Coyote Gorgeous by Vijaya Schartz


Kaitlin Harrington has been abandoned to be on duty while her partner and the Border Patrol team play.  While they were off enjoying themselves, she was keeping guard…until the sight of the most gorgeous man she has ever seen makes her drop her guard and she ends up being a prisoner of smugglers.  As the night progresses and secrets are revealed, Kaitlin learns there is more going on than just illegal immigration.


Coyote Gorgeous is a romantic adventure from beginning to end.  Brimming with twists, secret identities and danger on every page, this is a pager turner that will entertain any reader.  I will be interested in checking out additional titles by this author.




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