The Ripple Effect: Dane by Jodie Becker
Cobblestone Publishing
Urban Fantasy/Action-Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-60088-070-4
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Imagine being ripped from your present day, urban world and placed in an Egyptian chaotic parallel world.  Unbelievable?  Well, thatís exactly what happened to Jamilah Curtis once she finally got her hands on an Egyptian mirror that was bestowed to her by her great-grandfather.  Immediately, after reading the historical inscription on the ancient artifact, Jamilah had an earthquake-like experience in her office.  Upon exiting her office to see if anyone else was hurt, Jamilah was attacked by horrific mythical creature that was part-human and part-insect.  However, before the beast could tear her to shreds, Jamilah was saved by a man who simply introduced himself as Dane.  And, if running from implausible, scary beasts that were trying to kill you wasnít enough to deal with, Dane informed Jamilah that Set, the God of Chaos, was wreaking havoc all over New York City and if he wasnít stopped, his destruction would spread world wide.


After saving a womanís life from a vicious attack that he was partly to blame for, Dane noticed her golden pendant.  The stranger was a Familiar, a woman who was sanctified by Set.  Because of her doomed destiny to be claimed by Set, Dane knew that he should not have taken Jamilah to his secret base location seeing as she could possibly be a spy; but, Dane couldnít kill Jamilah because he felt a connection to her.  A very strong bond that forced the warrior within Dane to surface with a vengeance to lay claim to his woman and to end the life of the one who threatened to take her away from him. 


The Ripple Effect: Dane is an exciting, thrilling, edge-of-your-seat suspense that will leave you breathless.  I was hooked from the start and I couldnít put this fascinating book down until the dramatic conclusion appeared.  The plot moved at a swift, electrifying pace and with so many incredible twists and turns, there was never a dull moment within this super-hot fast read.  Each page was filled with intense, emotional drama whether it was robust battlement with the creatures, Dane and Jamilahís interactions or the evil Set trying to capture Jamilah, I was in a constant awe-like state.  And, letís not forget about the highly sexual-charged chemistry between Jamilah and Dane.  Talk about hot with a capital H!  The intimate interactions between the couple were mouth-watering and passionately spicy.  So, if you hunger for an action-packed, erotic quick-fix; then The Ripple Effect: Dane is just the novella to satisfy your craving appetite.



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