Spellfire - Harvest of Heroes by Bridghid Parkingson, Jewel Adams, Karen Rose, Jane Carver, CD Reese and HH Self
Erotic-ahh Digest Vol 06-26
Midnight Showcase
Contemporary / Fantasy / Paranormal / Erotic Anthology
ISBN: 1555-5496
Reviewed by Jo



For So Long by Bridghid Parkinson


Jack Taylor runs his repair shop in Spellfire but when needed in battle, Jack will go to the solders in battle and do all that he can to make sure they make it out okay.  Jack has a lot of experience with this as a WWII Airman.  Both are very fulfilling in their ways but Jack is waiting for the love of his life to join him.  Rosie has raised their children and seen the life of their grandchildren and even great grandchildren.  But now she is at the end of her days, Rosie is fine with that but just once more she would love to see Jack.  As Rosie takes her last breaths, her parents are waiting for her and they have a surprise.  Jack and Rosie have a lot to make up for, can Jack convince Rosie to stay with him for the second part of their lives?


For So Long gives just a bit of a view of the spirits that work just as hard to serve and protect after death like they swore to do during life.  Jack waits, works and protects while waiting for a second chance with his love Rosie.  Rosie has always hoped to see Jack again after spending the majority of her life without him.  The pride that they both feel for the otherís achievements, both in life and death, just adds so much more to this tale.  For So Long will touch your heart by the end and it is just the beginning for Jack and Rosie.  The perfect story to being this digest with.



Yellow Ribbon by Jewel Adams


Stella Comfry has moved to Spellfire in a hope that she can control the empathy that has threatened to overwhelm her.  Things seem to be going fine until she is visited one night be a soldier who has been hurt.  Noah Spellfire is a specialist who conducts Black Ops missions, when one goes wrong and he is hurt, Noah decides to reach out to his family for the help he needs.  Noah and Stella become entwined in a way neither expected and they discover the true reason for their unexpected connection.  Now Stella has to find out where and how to help Noah and get him back to Spellfire so she can meet her fate and mate in person.


Yellow Ribbon brings Stella and Noah together by their empathic powers.  Noah sends out a distress help thought that is misdirected to Stella, or so it seems.  Stella discovers that she is not alone in her special being when trying to connect and help Noah.  Noahís homecoming brought about by Stella brought a lump to my throat.  Yellow ribbons have a special meaning to military families and Yellow Ribbon brings it to the forefront.  The love that Stella and Noah find has a magical beginning, but only fate and determination will bring it into being.  Ms. Adams has delivered yet another wonderful story about the residents of Spellfire.


Roseís Treasure by Jane Carver


Rose Halstead has waited for her best friend Mitchell to come home from the war for a long time. Now he has but for some reason Rose canít figure out, why he wonít talk to her and really doesnít want to be around her.  However Rose hasnít waited this long for nothing and she is determined.  Mitchell Green wanted to marry Rose before being sent to the war.  Now heís back and injured, Mitchell knows that his Rose should have much more then he will ever be able to give her now and he is determined to make her see that.  Rose and Mitchell are making some headway when a fire puts Rose in harmís way.  Mitchell forgets all his ideas and injuries as he goes to get her.  Rose has told everyone since she was a child that she had a special treasure, that night Mitchell will discover exactly what it is and means to him.


Roseís Treasure lets you know that sometimes being a hero just means coming home.  Mitchell has come home but he believes that Rose will never want him like he is.  Rose waited for Mitchell the entire time she was growing up and then he was gone.  Now that he is back, she is done waiting.  Watching Rose and Mitchell try and work out their feelings was an insight to how injured solders might feel when they come home.  I was cheering for Rose the entire time and very happy when she finally broke through Mitchellís emotional wall.  The topper was the last night - you will just have to read the story to find out what happens.  Ms. Carver has added a great love story to this collection.


Educating Emily by Karen Rose


Emily Jenkins has become unhappy with her marriage to her husband, Jerry.  She canít understand why he canít be more like the heroes in her romance novels.  Emily canít put her finger on when she started to become unhappy and dissatisfied but now she canít help comparing her mailman husband and his habits to those of the hero in whatever novel she is reading at the time.  When Emily is given the chance to have what she thinks is her dream come true, she jumps at it even knowing she might be facing consequences.  However when the perfect man in the pages of a story becomes a flesh and blood man, will Emily discover that she had her perfect hero the entire time? 


Educating Emily is what happens when you lose sight of what truly makes you happy.  Emily married her high school sweetheart, Jerry, and they settled into their lives.  Now Emily seems to find fault with every little thing around her that Jerry does.  Emily discovers that reality and the everyday love it offers is much better than a dream hero when a wish is granted.  I enjoyed watching Emily discover that sometimes what you want and need - you already had.  Ms. Rose has written a story that every woman will understand and feel.  Sometimes magic has nothing to do with special powers, but is in the everyday aspects and dependability of life. 


The Moses Man by CD Reese


Tranice Howard-Jones is a powerful businesswoman and really doesnít have time for mystic legends, not even those of her own families.  But this year at Thanksgiving she has to travel to Spellfire and fulfill a promise that her family has kept for several generations.  Ezekiel Ferguson gave his life in order to help a Traniceís great, great grandparents escape the slavery that held them in the south.  His death has not been a quiet one as every year he re-experiences parts of that escape.  Ezekiel and Tranice discover that this year there is going to be a slightly different version of the story.  They find passion but practical Tranice canít see a way and she fights it.  After an accident, Tranice and Ezekiel will have to see if they can convenience the Devine All and themselves that they belong together and deserve another chance.


The Moses Man shows that the past never really goes away.  Ezekiel lost his life when helping a couple escape from the slavery he believed was wrong during the Civil War.  Tranice is the last decedent from the family that Ezekiel saved by giving his own life.  When they come together to relive, yet again, the escape and killing, passion and sparks fly.  Tranice and Ezekiel have to not only believe in themselves but also in the unknown to have a chance at a life and love together.  I was amazed by what Ezekiel had to go through every year until he could find his chance at the love he missed by following his convictions.   There were times that I wanted to just smack Tranice, but by the end she came around and more lovable.  Ms. Reese will make you think and wonder while reading. 


Reflections by HH Self


Teri Willis has come to Spellfire to see where she might have lived if her love Jimmie had survived his stint in the Vietnam War.  Teri isnít sure what she is looking for but it isnít the reflection of Jimmie himself that she finds when she visits him family home.  Jimmie Roads grew up in Spellfire and planned on taking Teri there to meet his family for Thanksgiving until he was drafted.  Jimmie lost his life by trusting the wrong person and Teri was his last thought.  Teri discovers that Spellfire and even Jimmie himself are much more than she ever guessed.  When Teri is told she might be able to help Jimmieís spirit nothing will stop her from trying even though she doesnít understand anything about this magical town and residents.  Can Teri help Jimmie or will she fall for the same trap as Jimmie did?


Reflections is a story of love, betrayal and jealousy.  Jimmie uses his gifts to help those around him while at war but is betrayed by a friend.  Teri never knew about that part of Jimmie but when she discovers his reflection in a mirror nothing will stop her from helping him.  Through determination and love, Jimmie and Teri forge a way to overcome the person who has betrayed them both and have the life that was stolen from them.  Jimmie and Teri captured me pretty quickly and I felt their story ended way too soon for me.  Ms. Self constructed a story that will hold you from start to finish.


This is one of the first stories in the Spellfire digests that has a non-magical person using magic to help a resident.  I found it to be just as magical and wonderful as the others. 


Spellfire - Harvest of Heroes brought many different types of heroes to life.  From the military hero who still steps in to keep others safe during wars, to the sweetheart who is there everyday to the spirit that will risk losing everything all over again for the love.  No matter what your idea of a hero is, I am sure you will find a story that will touch your heart.  While I loved all the stories, I freely admit that a few actually brought me to tears by its ending.  I canít remember the last time I read a collection of stories where each one touched me without exception.  Once again the writers of Spellfire have brought a wonderful mix of magical stories.  If you love the Spellfire digests, like I do, then this is a must have to your collection.  If you have never read one of the Spellfire digests, then Spellfire - Harvest of Heroes would be a great way to be introduced to the special town of Spellfire, Texas.



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