Song of the Siren by Lily Ashford
Sons of Zeus
Venus Press
Contemporary / Mythology
Reviewed by Jo



Apollo, the Sun God, has been seduced by the voice of a human down on Earth.  Unsure why her songs intoxicates him but Apollo know that must meet her.  However, because she is still a virgin, he must deal with his sister, Diana, the protectors of virgins.  Apollo promises Diana anything she wants just so he can meet with Serena.


Serena Montefiori is an opera singer who has gained fame at a early age.  Serena has been pretty careful in how she uses her voice because unknown to anyone, Serena has a special secret.  She is part of the ancient race of seductive nymphs called Sirens.  Serena not wanting to fall into the same pattern as her mother and other sirens before her has stayed a virgin. 


Apollo and Serena actually seduce each other in more ways than just sexual.  When the time comes for Apollo to pay the piper and leave, he is unable to accept what Diana wants and instead offers something that shakes up all of the pantheon.  Serena discovers this reckless promise and payment, but she just might have something to say to both of the Gods.


Song of the Siren is a simple and sweet love story.  Okay it involves Gods and other mythological creatures but at its core it is just that.  Apollo hears the voice of an opera singer that affects him like no other.  Serena knows her voice is special and even though she sings for a living, she is careful not to use the other gifts that come with it.  Apollo and Serena together fall in love the old fashioned way and when threatened with separation, they discover that all the Gods can be influenced by true love.  Song of the Siren is a story of love in its simplest form and well worth the reading. 



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