Smooth Ride by Cash Cole
Elloraís Cave
Wild Winter / Quickie / Gay / Contemporary / Christmas
ISBN: 1-4199-0880-4
Reviewed by Shannon



For the past nine months Leo Castle has been waiting.  Jockey, Dane Robinson, ran off after he took a nasty fall on Smooth Ride, the horse that Leo was training and Leo is desperate to see the man again.  When Leo spies Dane hanging around the track one day, he knows that he isnít going to give him the chance to run again.  This time, Dane is going to stay with Leo.  Only, first he has to explain about the woman still in his life.


Smooth Ride is a smoking hot read about two men who are looking for a second chance to be together.  Leo and Dane are incredible together, and while I was initially upset about the presence of Hannah, I enjoyed the way Smooth Ride ended.  In Smooth Ride, Cash Cole has written a tale that is sure to heat up any reader, no matter the season.



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