Slow Fires by Sarah Black
Loose Id
Erotic Contemporary/Ménage/MM
ISBN: 978-1-59632-297-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



While Mia enjoys solitude, lately it has been getting to her and she finds herself more often than not, very lonely.  Her art has always been her solace, but even that has become as unproductive as her life.  It is while having hand-made kilns delivered that Mia meets Russ and Kevin, two men that instantly gain her attention, and later, her heart.


Russ and Kevin are a couple, and have been for as long as they can remember.  Meeting Mia, they realize that with her, their family unit would be complete, so they go about seducing the lovely, beautiful woman that is Mia. 


The three lovers gain the attention of the world around them and suddenly have decisions that need to be made.  Will their love be strong enough to survive when everyone around them tells them it is wrong?


Slow Fires set me aflame.  Full of high-octane emotions and just some achingly hot sex, I was hooked from page one.  Mia didn’t stand a chance against the wiles of either man and I think that is why I loved this story so much.  It was written in such a way that you forget where one character started and where another ended.  Their love for each other made me warm inside.


Slow Fires is excellent and my craving for ménages was appeased!  This one is a keeper in my book.



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