Shadow Dancer by Stephanie Burke
The Liger series, book 3
Loose Id
LGBT Werewolf Futuristic Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-237-0
Reviewed by Shannon



Zactch is a human who has known misery and adversity all his life.  He can’t walk, but his mind is incredibly strong.  When he is captured by the feline people of Pride Talon, he doesn’t know what to think.  They want him to learn about their people in order to inform his own people, and he is intrigued by this incredible chance.  Especially when it means spending more time with Gwire.


Gwire is a Shadow Dancer, the last of his kind.  He has never entirely felt comfortable around his people, but he senses a kindred spirit in the frail man of the Others.  The more time he spends with Zactch, the more he wants to stay with him.


A war is looming for Gwire’s people.  The Others are encroaching on their territory, led by a zealot naturalist.  She is even more determined to wipe them out.  Zactch and Gwire come together despite the war that threatens them both.  Within each other, they have found their perfect match.  Now they just have to discover how to stay together.


I had been intrigued by Gwire the first time I read about him, and Stephanie Burke has made me fall in love with this dark warrior in Shadow Dancer.  I loved the premise of these two strong, but scarred, men finding love together.  With appearances from previous characters – including He-o, Fayline and Kobaye – this series simply keeps getting better with every new addition.  I loved Shadow Dancer; the frailties and strengths inherent in both men resonated within me.  I can’t wait to see where Stephanie Burke takes this next.



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