Seeing Is Believing by Kris Starr
Shrink Wrap, Book 2
Elloraís Cave
ISBN 9781419908927
Reviewed by Amelia



Jessie LaFontaineís ďGramĒ is an unusual character.  Sheís a ghost whose bent on helping Jessie find her true love.  Under Gramís influence, Jessie has a very interesting encounter in a nightclub one night with a very handsome man.


Jessie decides that encounter is the last straw.  She wants to get rid of Gram forever.  With the advice of a helpful cabbie, she visits Dr. Nicholas Federov, a parapsychologist.


When Jessie arrives at his office, she finds out that Nicholas is the gorgeous man from the nightclub.  She has to decide if she wants him as a lover, or a doctor.  When she finds out Nicholas doesnít believe her story about Gram things get dicey.  Until Gram steps in to set things right.


Seeing is Believing is a lively and entertaining story.  The attraction between Jessie and Nicholas was very real, and very hot.  Jessieís reactions to Gramís meddling had me laughing out loud at times.  Gramís story, which was very original, added extra punch to the tale. 


Seeing is Believing is the second book in the Shrink Wrap series.  Because I hadnít read the first one, Iíd wished for a little more information about Peter Murray, the cabbie who directed Jessie to Nicholasí office.  He had a job to do, but it was never fully explained.


Although that left a question in my mind, it didnít detract from my enjoyment of Seeing is Believing.  I highly recommend this fun story.



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