Riding Partner by Mary Winter
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Contemporary/Gay
ISBN: 1-4199-0769-7
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Derek Whitmanís dream of a gold medal in the Olympics is shattered with the last jump in the competition.  Unable to handle this loss, Derek runs from both Athens and his lover, Charles.  Years later, Derek finds himself facing Charles once again, but this time it is about money, not love.  Derekís father, before his death, almost ran their farm into the ground and Derek is trying his best to make ends meet.  Asking and convincing Charles to buy his prize horse, is the only thing on Derekís mind.  That is, until Derek notices that Charles is still attractive and that he is still attracted to him.


Charles DeMorinson regrets not fighting harder for Derek when he left him years ago.  Knowing that it is now or never, Charles vows that this time Derek will not slip through his fingers because in his arms is where Derek belongs. 


Riding Partner was a novel of forgiveness.  Derek had to forgive himself for not being able to handle failure and running from Charles, and Charles had to be able to forgive himself for allowing Derek to leave.  Both men still loved each other and when they finally accepted the other, faults and all, the storyline was pure reading heaven.


I havenít read very many books by Mary Winter but I am glad that I read Riding Partner.  I found it to be very well written that I felt connected to and was happy to be a witness to the love shared between the two men.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Riding Partner and canít wait to explore Mary Winterís other books



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