Pretty Red Ribbon by Jet Mykles
Heaven Sent
Loose Id
LGBT Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-395-7
Reviewed by Jo



Tyler and Johnnie have given themselves Christmas night to be alone and celebrate the holiday and of course to give each other their gifts.  Tyler gets pulled away for a hotel emergency and by the time he gets back, Johnnie is no longer playing with games on the Playstation.  Tyler heads to their bedroom thinking Johnnie has already gone to sleep only to find Johnnie waiting with Tylerís wonderfully wrapped gift. 


Pretty Red Ribbon features Johnnie and Tyler, the main characters in Heaven.  Celebrating Christmas with Tyler and Johnnie was a great gift from Ms. Mykles.  They are just as in love and erotic as I remembered.  After reading Pretty Red Ribbon I will never be able to wrap presents the same way again and neither will you.  I am pretty positive about that.  If you havenít gotten Pretty Red Ribbon yet I recommend that you click over quickly and grab it.  This is a must read and a keeper that will tide you over until the next Heaven Sent book.    



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