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Picture Perfect by Jacki King
Amber Quill Press-Amber Heat
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59279-534-X
Reviewed by Gracie



Kristine Sawyer thought that she had gotten Paul Davies out of her system after he left her for the call of Hollywood.  Kristine begins to doubt it when she finds out that Paul is coming back to do a photo spread for her magazine.


Paul Davies knew that all he wanted was to get back into Kristine’s life.  He realizes that he made a huge mistake when he left.  He has never really found true happiness regardless of how successful his career has gotten.


Kristine decides before Paul arrives that she is not going to fall for him again, but once she sees him all the old feelings come rushing back.  Kristine tries to keep things professional, but Paul seems to have very different ideas about how things should be going.  Will Kristine be able to forgive Paul for breaking her heart and can they find a happily ever after?


Picture Perfect is a story of second chances and forgiveness.  Kristine is a strong independent woman who does not have time for romance.  Paul is a successful actor who just wants to be happy and he really believes the only way to make this happen is to get Kristine back.  Jacki King knows how to bring her character’s emotions to the forefront.  Picture Perfect was a perfect way to spend the evening!



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