One Night by Aline de Chevigny
Forbidden Publications
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: none assigned
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Darren is somewhat of a playboy.  He likes to date, a lot.  Not wanting a serious relationship, he readily agrees to Tabitha’s request that they sleep together.  For one night only.  Darren figures he’ll sleep with Tabitha, cure his sexual itch and be none the wiser the next day.  He could not have been more wrong because after one night with Tabitha, Darren is suddenly craving more and so it seems is Tabitha.  However, their relationship might never get off the ground if people from their past and present lives have anything to say about it.


I love the plot of One Night. I thought it quite humorous that Darren, for all of his sleeping around and playing hard to get would succumb after one night with Tabitha.  Seeing Mr. Man About Town fall for Tabitha was just glorious. 


I enjoyed One Night very much and am interested in reading this author again. 



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