Oleander House

Oleander House by Ally Blue
Bay City Paranormal Investigation Series, Book 1
Paranormal/Gay Romance
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-147-5
Reviewed by Gracie



Sam Raintree is looking forward to his new job…actually to his new life.  He has a new job, is moving to a new town, and working with people who have something in common with him.  Sam is working as part of a tech crew for Bay City Paranormal Investigations and his first job is trying to discover what is haunting Oleander House. 


Doctor Bo Broussard is the founder and lead investigator for Bay City Paranormal Investigations.  Bo is excited about being asked to look into the history of Oleander House.  He has been following the strange occurrences that have plagued the house for years.  Bo is close to his team and loves what he does, but he may not be completely honest about what he really wants from life.


Sam is thrilled to be around other people who believe and understand that there are strange things in the world, and feels like he could really belong to this group.  The only problem he can see is his instant attraction to Bo.  Sam has not shared his sexual orientation with his new friends and coworkers, but he senses something from Bo.  Bo seems attracted to Sam, but he is married with kids and denies being gay.  As the investigation quickly progresses and strange things begin happening, the heat, sexual tension, and misunderstandings heat up between Sam and Bo.  Will Bay City Investigations discover what is haunting Oleander House without harm coming to anyone and will Sam and Bo figure out what their relationship really is?


Oleander House was an interesting read and I am looking forward to the next installment of this series.  Sam is a nice guy who has spent his life being isolated because of the strange things that happen around him and the barriers he puts up.  Bo is a good man who just does not know exactly what he wants from life and is having a hard time being honest with himself.  Both Sam and Bo want to uncover Oleander House’s secrets and work to understand the feelings they are experiencing.  Oleander House was an intense read filled with strong characters that I can hardly wait to read more about.  This was my first Ally Blue novel, but it will not be my last!



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