Marlene’s Man by Beth Williamson
The Perfect Score series, Book 3
Loose Id
Erotic Contemporary/BBW
ISBN: 978-1-59632-292-9
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Tired of people thinking of her as just an easy lay, Marlene enters the Perfect Score bowling tournament hoping to earn a 300 score in a game.  Almost impossible, but she is confidant that she is just that good of a bowler.  However, when she sees Buck Miller at the bowling alley, she falls immediately in lust and when Buck seems to want more than just sex, Marlene panics and is unable to handle the thought of someone caring enough about her to pursue a relationship.  The cards are in Buck’s hands and he needs to play them skillfully; this is one woman he doesn’t want to let slip away from him.  Even though Buck craves a perfect game, he would much rather win the game of love with Marlene by his side.


I adored this entire series by Beth Williamson but I think Marlene’s Man is my favorite.  I laughed. I got teary eyed. I got angry.  Most of all, I got a great story about how one woman’s determination turned into something completely unexpected.  And Buck Miller was unexpected by Marlene.  Fully aware of what people said about her, I found her often times quite unsure of herself and therefore she used bravado to cover up her inner feelings, and that is when Buck was able to snag her.  He wouldn’t let her think badly of herself because he didn’t think that way.  He was perfect for her.  Perfect.


I hate to see this series come to a close, I loved it so much.  Beth Williamson continues to amaze me with her talent and knack for bringing to life characters that are realistic and every day people.  Marlene’s Man will be read more than once, I can assure you!





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