Love Lessons by Kate Burns
Phaze HeatSheet
Erotic Contemporary BDSM
ISBN: 1-59426-591-7
Reviewed by Georgia



Determined to make this Valentine’s Day the best, Jenn visits Bare Minimum, the local erotic shop.  Slightly overwhelmed with the selection, Jenn realizes she’ll need something more than a sex toy to rev up her boring sex life, so she makes an appointment for Love Lessons with the store’s owner.  Yet, before the lesson, Jenn breaks up with her boyfriend.  Will she keep the scheduled appointment with the sexy Greg or cancel?


Love Lessons is a sizzling hot book that packs a punch!  Jenn knows she’s missing something in her sex life but thinks a little bit of spice will fix everything.  Yet, once she sees some of the goods at Bare Minimum (can you say the owner?) she realizes she wants more than just sex play, she wants the real thing.  Greg is experienced enough to see what she really wants and guides her with a gentle hand so that she can ask for it.  I really liked that this entire adventure was at Jenn’s request.  She decided what she wanted and Greg gave it to her.  The sexual encounter was interesting and definitely hot.  Love Lessons is a tutorial on sexual wants and desires that certainly keeps your attention.



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