I Was A Vampire Wedding Planner by Alecia  Monaco

I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner by Alecia Monaco
Changeling Press
ISBN: 10-1-59596-456-8
ISBN: 12-978-1-59596-456-4
Reviewed by Klarissa



Jade Simmons is a wedding planner for the undead.  As a mortal, she believes they all should be equal and, hey, vampires fall in love to, right?  As she awaits for a new client, she expects to see the happy couple, but instead, Jade gets the dangerously handsome undead best man.  How she wishes, for once, a guy like Renaldi could fall for her.  Jade would love to be the bride, instead of just the wedding planner.


Renaldi D'Aria, having lived for centuries can't believe his luck when he steps into Jade's office.  She's beautiful, full figured, and exactly what he has been waiting for.  Now he must convince her he is what she needs.


I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner is entertaining to read.  Jade and Renaldi ignite sparks among the pages.  I love how Renaldi described Jade as his thunderbolt.  I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner drew me into the story with its good dialogue and description.  The story held much promise and I would have loved to see this world fleshed out more, because Ms. Monaco creates fascinating characters.  I'll definitely be looking for Alecia Monaco's next story hoping it will include the Germaine Vampire Clan.



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