Iíll Be Hunting You by Shiloh Walker
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41990-911-5
Reviewed by Klarissa



Tori didnít want Declan to leave without her, but something pulled at him.  As he rushed off into the night Tori knew it was a mistake.  Tori and Declan were soulmates, so when Tori felt a fire consume Declan her world shattered, but she remained alive when normally once one mate died, the other would follow.  Not this time, however.  Tori had a purpose.


In dreams, Tori can feel him, taste him like Declan is still alive and it tears her apart when she wakes only to discover he isnít with her.  Thinking her life over and wishing she could join Declan, Tori received a visit from the witch Leandra.  Leandraís words haunt Tori until she follows the womanís advice.  Only then will Tori receive the greatest gift of her life.


Iíll Be Hunting You is about the most emotional story Iíve read in a long time.  I donít want to give anything away because each paragraph, each sentence moves Tori in a direction of discovery.  Shiloh Walker has yet another wonderful compelling story with Iíll Be Haunting You.  Be sure to have some Kleenex handy because the ending is a doozy.



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