Happily Never After by Amelia Elias
Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-249-3
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



The time has come for the Immortal King of the Fae Harvest fest. The Harvest entailes the King’s guards riding through human villages selecting women for the King to choose as his future bride. 


Nine years ago, Jane da’Smithy witnessed the Harvests horrific events.  The nasty guards brutally took her friends away and they were never heard from again.  When word spread of the upcoming Harvest, Jane was determined to not be selected.  She made sure that her appearance was very grimy and undesirable.  Thinking that she was home free after the commander barely glanced at her, Jane mentally screamed for him to go away and leave her village in peace.  Huge mistake!  Immediately after her mental yell, the commander took her captive.


Ryn, Commander of the Harvest Guard, was determined to complete his task at hand.  Upon entering the latest village, Ryn was disappointed that he had not found a human female mindspeaker for his King to marry.  Just as he was about to move on to the next village, Ryn surprisingly heard a fiery mental voice demanding him to leave.  Ryn was very happy and relieved to have finally found his King’s bride. 


It soon became apparent to Ryn that he got more than he bargained for.  As they journeyed towards King Mazurian’s palace, Ryn began to find it to be more and more difficult to keep his hands off Jane’s luscious body.  And, to make matters worse, Jane was either encouraging Ryn to make love to her or trying to escape because she was determined not to marry the King.  Now, Ryn found himself in a dilemma.  As a man of honor, should he maintain his vow to deliver her to King Manzurian unharmed and untouched or dare he take away his King’s future bride and make her his own?


I took great pleasure in reading Happily Never After.  Jane was my type of heroine –headstrong, stubborn and smart.  Likewise, I found Ryn to be very strong-willed, gutsy and loyal.  The chemistry between the couple was spicily sweet, heatedly lustful and exceedingly passionate.  The super hot Happily Never After is definitely a panty wetting type of novel.  I don’t know how Ryn managed to maintain his tight control over his libido during their numerous erotic sexual foreplays, but, somehow he did.  I also wanted to give author Amelia Elias two thumbs up for throwing in a shocking twister near the end that threw me for a loop.  Simply Brilliant!  If you are dying to discover what I am talking about, then run to purchase Happily Never After.  You will not be disappointed.



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